Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I find out if service is cancelled due to the weather?

A:  If adverse weather compromises the safety of our passengers and staff, cancellation or delay of service may be necessary. Information regarding service cancellation or delay due to weather can be heard on the local radio station WLKR.

Q: How are complaints handled?

A:  All complaints regarding service from the clients or general public are reviewed by the Executive Director and a written response will be provided within 7 days of receipt. If unsatisfied, a written complaint may be submitted to the Senior Enrichment Services’ Board of Directors. The Board will review the complaint and respond within 7 days after the next scheduled board meeting after receipt of the complaint. If the response remains unsatisfactory, a written complaint along with all written documentation may be filed with the Ohio Department of Transportation. All complaints not resolved at the local level will be submitted to ODOT for a final decision.